Amp Energy India Expands Tata Hitachi Solar Project To 10.5 MW


Tata Hitachi, a leading construction machinery provider in India has partnered with Amp Energy to set up an onsite solar power unit at their facility in Kharagpur, West Bengal.


This project is a repeat order to Amp Energy India from Tata Hitachi. Amp has an operational 5MW solar project supplying power to Tata Hitachi at their factory premises in Kharagpur since 2018.


With this project, Amp has expanded the capacity to 10.5 MW making it the largest behind-the-meter project in Eastern India.


The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Ampfor procurement of solar power is for 25 years and will generate 7,150 MWh of green energy in a year, equivalent to reducing 5,055 MT of carbon emissions annually.


Tata Hitachi is a joint venture company between India’ Tata Motors and Hitachi Construction Machinery of Japan.

Tata Hitachi’s product line-up includes a wide range of excavators, Rigid dump trucks, Wheel Loaders and Backhoe Loaders. Tata Hitachi has two manufacturing facilities at Dharwad – Karnataka and Kharagpur – West Bengal.

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The solar plant was commissioned on 11thNovember, 2020 and the project execution was managed by following all compliances placed to manage COVID-19 situation in India.  

“Tata Hitachi is the best demonstration project of Amp’s Programmatic Approach of building sustainable partnerships through project types and geographies. We are supplying solar power to them through open access in Karnataka and behind-the-meter in West Bengal. This repeat order from them is a testimonial to our service quality and deliverability. This partnership will ensure that the growth in the construction sector is on the back of solid ecosystem of solar power generation and demand in India,”Mr. Pinaki Bhattacharyya, MD and CEO, Amp Energy India.

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