FIMER Partners with Philippine GeoGreen, Inc. to Unlock Country’s Abundant Solar Energy


FIMER, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar inverters, has announced a strategic partnership with Philippine GeoGreen, Inc., a leading local distributor of sustainable and environmentally responsible products. The newly appointed channel partner will distribute FIMER’s residential and commercial solutions, including the highly anticipated and latest PVS-10/33 three-phase range.

Rich in sunlight, the Philippines is on track to meet its target of 1.5GW (gigawatt) in solar energy to power millions of local homes and businesses by 2030. By converting DC electricity harnessed from solar panels into functional AC power, solar inverters play a crucial role in reaching this goal. 

Philippine GeoGreen, Inc. will deliver FIMER’s solar inverter solutions to customers in the Philippines. Amongst these are FIMER’s MGS100 microgrid solution, single-phase and three-phase string inverters including the UNO-DM series, REACT 2, as well as the PVS-10/33 three phase range which launches in Q1, 2021.

The partnership combines Philippine GeoGreen, Inc.’s established local footprint and FIMER’s extensive offering of high-performance solar inverters. This will allow both companies to collaboratively bring seamless clean energy transition solutions to market.

Liza Morales, CEO of Philippine GeoGreen, Inc. said: “There is no better way to mark our first foray into solar than with FIMER, a leading global manufacturer of solar inverters. True to our commitment in offering only the highest quality sustainable products, we are proud to unveil FIMER’s European grade solutions as the latest addition to our portfolio. Together, we look forward to empowering customers in unlocking the solar energy present in the Philippines to power their homes and businesses sustainably.” 

Divya Kumar, Product Marketing Director for FIMER in Southeast Asia said: “As FIMER continues to expand within the region, we are delighted to partner with Philippine GeoGreen, Inc. in equipping homeowners, developers and builders with our best-in-class solar inverter solutions. Philippine GeoGreen, Inc. is an award-winning provider of sustainable solutions with a strong local network. Our collaboration marks a positive start to 2021 as FIMER is on the brink of launching our new PVS-10/33 three-phase series, which our Filipino customers will enjoy timely access to.”  

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