Wholesalers Specialised in the Supply of PV Modules are Losing Ground in Spain, Says EUPD Research

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The survey targets PV installers in the main European PV markets plus Australia. This year 100 Spanish installation companies participated in the survey. The report provides exclusive insights on the latest developments in the rooftop PV segment in Spain.

PV Module Procurement Channels in Spain

One section of the report is dedicated to procurement management. The latest results show that last year 43 % of the surveyed installers procured their PV modules directly from the PV manufacturers. This exhibits a significant increase compared to last year’s results, when only 26 % of the installers purchased their PV modules directly. This shift in the procurement behaviour of the installers comes at the cost of the wholesalers that are specialized in the supply of photovoltaic components. In fact, only 47% of the surveyed installers procured their PV modules from PV wholesalers in 2020 compared to 62 % in 2019.

PV Module Procurement Channels in Spain

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When analyzing the results in more detail, it appears that high volume installers prefer to procure their modules directly from the manufacturers. This way they can increase their profit margin. The opposite holds true for low volume installers, who tend to procure more from wholesalers. This way they can benefit from a higher flexibility. Nevertheless, Spanish installers seem to be somewhat dissatisfied with regards to two aspects of the service provided by wholesalers: long delivery periods and adherence to delivery dates.

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If Spanish wholesalers want to maintain their position as trusted business partners for installers, they will have to improve their capability to forecast the future demand and reduce delivery time.

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