NTPC Tenders for 190 MW Solar Project in Rajasthan


NTPC Ltd invites online bids from eligible bidders on Single Stage Two Envelope (i.e. Envelope-I: Technical Bid and Envelope-II: Financial Bid) with Reverse Auction for Selection of Solar Power Developer for Setting up 190 MW Grid-connected Solar PV Power Project at Nokh Solar Park in Rajasthan being developed through Rajasthan Solar Park Development Company Ltd [i.e. Solar Power Park Developer (SPPD)] on the identified land arranged by the SPPD at Village –Nokh, Tehsil-Pokran in Jaisalmer District of Rajasthan.

Last Date and Time for receipt of bids comprising both Technical and Financial Bid 10.02.2021 14:00:00 (IST)

Date & Time of opening of Technical Bids 10.02.2021 15:00:00 (IST)
Invites Bids for Selection of Solar Power

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