LYS Energy Group Contribution To Supporting Singapore Green Plan 2030


Singapore prospects to develop into a carbon service hub. The Republic will ramp up its sustainability drive, calling nationwide collaborative efforts to set “ambitious and concrete targets” under a new initiative called the Singapore Green Plan 2030. The initiative intends to increase its renewable energy (RE) deployment at national and business levels.


Low-carbon alternatives, such as solar, are critical for a long-term approach to sustainability. With the Government’s every intent of opting on energy supply ‘switches’ for sustainable developments, private sectors are more inclined to seek partnership, to foster climate change mitigation.


Since 2013, LYS Energy Group is proud to be supporting the National clean energy deployment. In our efforts towards the Energy Transition, we will press on to contributing to the Singapore Green Plan 2030 — which outlines the solar target of 2 GWp by 2030 and will continue to collaborate with our supportive Partners to make this happen.


With our tailored holistic business solutions, combined with solid technical expertise to innovate and deploy high-quality solar PV systems, LYS Energy Group ought to ensure that the Commercial & Industrial sector will meet their clean energy targets as well as stay nimble in accelerating the Energy Transition in Singapore and across the regions.

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