Service With Action, Product With Care! SOFARSOLAR’s 1.2MW Poverty Alleviation Power Station, Helping Farmers To Get Rich


PV poverty alleviation, not only one of the important ways of industrial poverty alleviation but also an effective way of asset income poverty alleviation, has formed a matrix of powerful tools for poverty alleviation together with relocation poverty alleviation, e-commerce poverty alleviation and tourism poverty alleviation, benefiting about 35000 recorded poverty-stricken villages in 471 counties of 16 provinces.


Binhai County, Yancheng, Jiangsu is located in the middle latitude of the northern hemisphere, with four distinct seasons, mild climate and advantaged light resource. Relying on these resource advantages, the local government has invested in the construction of a 1.2MW PV poverty alleviation power station. This is slightly different from the traditional power station, adopting the multi-industry development mode of agriculture and light complementary that the upper PV panels generate electricity while agricultural production is carried out under PV panels, which realizes “One Land and Two Uses, Agriculture and Light Complementary”, and has become the economic guarantee for local poor households to end poverty and become rich.


As the inverter supplier of the poverty alleviation power station, SOFARSOLAR provided SOFAR 60000TL inverter, which is widely used in domestic and foreign projects, with power generation efficiency reaching 98.6%, components selected from internationally famous brands, built-in fuse-free design, IP65 protection class, built-in anti-islanding, RCMU, grounding fault monitoring and other protection functions. It has outstanding performance in various environments, providing a guarantee for high efficiency and stable operation of poverty alleviation power stations.

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The technical service staff of SOFARSOLAR said that the first step in the implementation of the PV poverty alleviation project is to build the power station with high quality, high standard and high efficiency, and the efficient operation and maintenance of the power station is an important guarantee to maximize the economic and social benefits. SOFARSOLAR has a professional technical service team, which can not only provide professional support in terms of products, but also provide scientific guidance in terms of operation and maintenance according to local conditions, so as to ensure the stable operation and long-term benefits of the power station.


PV power generation is clean and efficient,  reliable in technology, short in construction period and stable in income, ensuring that the poor households can obtain the income from power generation continuously and stably for 20-25 years, and has a prominent performance in the means of industrial poverty alleviation. SOFARSOLAR, always adhering to the principle of “Service with Action, Product with Care”, and relying on its own advantages in technology, product and service, actively participates in the construction of domestic poverty alleviation projects in recent years, and has successively provided more than 600 MW inverters to poverty alleviation projects in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Gansu, and Anhui, and its product quality has achieved high recognition.

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With the PV power stations entering the harvest period, PV poverty alleviation is becoming a sustainable green poverty reduction mode due to the increasingly obvious effect. For enterprises, it is more important to give full play to their own advantages and actively invest in the construction of PV poverty alleviation projects in accordance with the national and local poverty alleviation policies and guidelines.

SOFARSOLAR claims that because PV poverty alleviation is a project according to conscience and public opinion, as an inverter supplier for poverty alleviation projects, we strive to do better from the product side to the service side, so that customers can recognize and users can rest assured; as a participant of poverty alleviation projects, we are well aware of our responsibility and mission – helping more poverty alleviation users benefit, end poverty and get rich; and this is not only our responsibility and mission but also what our new energy enterprises should do.

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