SolAero Technologies Powers OneWeb’s Satellite Constellation


SolAero Technologies Corp. (SolAero), a leading provider of high efficiency solar cells, solar panels, and composite structural products for satellite and aerospace applications, congratulates the teams at OneWeb, Airbus OneWeb Satellites and Arianespace for the successful launch of 36 satellites of the OneWeb constellation. SolAero is proud to have supplied the solar panels for these satellites, launched from the Soyuz Launch Complex in Vostochny, Russia.


This mission brings the total fleet to 146 satellites in LEO (Low Earth Orbit).  In 2021, the company is focused on scaling the satellite constellation to launch commercial services starting at the end of 2021 to the UK, Alaska, Canada, Northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, and the Arctic Seas.


SolAero’s high efficiency solar cells, optimized to meet the performance demands of the OneWeb mission, power the constellation. To support the programs’ production requirements, SolAero established the world’s first vertically integrated, high volume solar panel manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Albuquerque, NM.  Established in 2018, the facility has now produced more than 1,000 individual solar panels that are powering over 200 satellites for a dozen different missions, demonstrating unrivaled manufacturing capability for satellite solar power products.

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“This launch represents the culmination of over four years of close partnership with OneWeb and the Airbus OneWeb Satellites team and marks an important milestone in our collective efforts to provide worldwide broadband connectivity. The SolAero team is grateful to be a part of an endeavor that is transformational in so many ways and looks forward to the continued partnerships that have made this effort such a success,” said Brad Clevenger, CEO of SolAero Technologies.


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