Solar Equipment Manufacturer Gautam Solar Doubles Capacity To 250 MW

rows of solar modules in photovoltaic power station
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Solar power equipment maker Gautam Solar which has its facility located in Haridwar announced that it has more than doubled its panel manufacturing capacity from 120 Megawatt (MW) to 250 MW.


The company said in a statement that this boost in production has made Gautam solar the third-largest solar manufacturer in North India. It also said that it is important to raise local production and reduce imports from countries like China.

“Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme in India is also working on the same objective as it is expected to add 10,000 MW of integrated solar PV manufacturing capacity and bring direct investments of about Rs 17,200 crore,” the company said.


Gautam Mohanka, Managing Director, Gautam Solar said: “We have been witnessing a steady increase in demand for our solar panels for a while now, hence increasing the manufacturing capacity became vital.” He added the firm will increase the production capacity at other facilities, too, soon.


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