Engie Commits to European Commission to Making Consumption Greener Than Ever

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ENGIE, the leading wind and solar company in France, advocates for a model based on less energy-intensive consumption and renewable energy. In France, the Group is already committed to offering its clients an energy mix comprising over 70% of renewable energy, and to providing carbon-free energy supply and consumption control solutions for its individual clients. All its electricity contracts include green electricity: for every KWh of electricity consumed, an equivalent amount of renewable electricity is injected into the network. ENGIE also offers electricity contracts that are 100% hydro and wind-powered, from production sites that are exclusively located in France. This enables ENGIE to commit to a local, eco-friendly approach, in line with the strategy presented by the Group in the first semester of 2021 and with its target of achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2045.


ENGIE has responded to the European Commission’s “European Union Green Consumption Pledge Initiative”, which aims to encourage companies to make voluntary commitments that facilitate sustainable production and consumption. ENGIE has made several “green commitments” to reduce both its own carbon footprint and its clients’ and consumers’ footprints. 

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In response to global environmental challenges and human impacts on the climate, natural resources and biodiversity, stakeholders at every level – countries, cities, companies and citizens – are all playing their part.


ENGIE is currently the only energy company selected by the European Commission for this pilot phase, along with Décathlon, Lego and L’Oréal. The Group has made the following four commitments:

  • To increase the overall share of renewable energy in electricity production (from 31% in 2020 to 58% in 2030), to completely phase out coal-fuelled power in Europe by 2025 and to step up investments in renewable assets (goal: to install an additional 3 GW of capacity in 2021, followed by 4 GW per year from 2022 to 2025 and finally 6 GW per year starting 2026).
  • To serve 300,000 Green+i) clients (with 100% renewable electricity directly from domestic producers, guaranteed by green certificates) by the end of 2024.
  • To provide its customers with additional means to help reduce their energy consumption with notably Mon Programme pour Agir ii) (goal: 1.2 million subscribers) which  rewards energy savings.
  • To report on its progress in achieving these objectives and meeting its integrated report commitments.
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