Technique Solaire Wins Three Projects Totaling 13 MWp in the Netherlands


Technique Solaire is the winner of 3 photovoltaic projects, at the SDE++ autumn round 2020 in the Netherlands, for a total power of 13 MWp.


“One of them concerns our very first floating power plant,” specifies Guilhem de Tyssandier, head of international development at Technique Solaire

Installed on a former sand pit in the south of the country, it will have a capacity of 7.5 MWp and its construction should start in mid-2022. The other two relate to two car and heavy goods vehicle parking shades, respectively 3 MWp and 2 MWp. Their commissioning should also take place in 2022.


After the acquisition in November 2020 of a 1 MWp ground-mounted power plant, the construction of which will start in June, Technique Solaries are pleased to continue our momentum in this new market.


Currently the company is working on the acquisition of a 2.5 MWp ground-mounted project.

Technique Solaire’s goal is to have 100 MWp of solar plants in operation in the Netherlands by the end of 2024.

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