NREL Partners With Sempra Energy for Carbon Neutral Future


NREL and Sempra Energy’s cooperative, multiyear projects exploring low-carbon fuels and microgrid technology have reaped success—including some groundbreaking achievements.


Under the MOU, Sempra Energy and NREL will coordinate and share objectives focused on:

  • Advancing artificial intelligence to scale solutions across the United States and enable cities to reach clean energy goals
  • Integrating low-carbon fuel solutions, including hydrogen, renewable natural gas, carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration, and fuel cells
  • Exploring innovative solutions towards 100% renewable energy communities requiring and implementing smart and enhanced controls, integration, and operational capabilities as a blueprint for expansion
  • Future-proofing electric grids with technology that upgrades the infrastructure with a focus on reliability, connectivity, and security
  • Promoting viable net-zero solutions that are delivered with equity and widespread community access.

As an energy infrastructure company, Sempra Energy serves over 36 million electric and natural gas consumers worldwide through its affiliates in California, Texas, and Mexico, and its liquified natural gas exports.

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A shared vision to achieve a carbon-neutral future that prioritizes secure and equitable energy access has united both organizations.


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