In Conversation With Robin Li, General Manager for MENA – JinkoSolar


1. Please brief our readers on your different energy storage system solutions for different application scenarios.


In our solution, we do offer standard products and customize solutions for different customers, it includes:

RESS: our residential solution can integrate the diesel generator which brings higher functionality and practicability to our system, so it can apply in the PV+ESS+Diesel Generator system; this solution is also a modular design and the battery system is more scalable to meet different storage capacity demands.


Large scale ESS: our system has higher integrity and integrates different components (battery system, PCS, DCDC controller, DC/AC cabinet and FSS and HVAC etc.)of the ESS to reduce the complexity of the system design and EPC cost;the EMS can cover different application scenarios, including peak shaving, frequency regulation, renewable energy integration and micro-grid etc.  


2. How do Jinko’s Residential Energy Storage Systems ensure product safety while maintaining high performance?

High performance and safety of Residential energy storage system can be guaranteed by the following points:

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Using LiFePO4 cathode material, the energy density is moderate, the temperature resistance effect is good, and the high safety can be ensured under different temperature environments.

BMS strategy includes over temperature, over current, overcharge/ discharge protection, SOC / SOH prediction, electric leakage detection and further functions to ensure battery performance and functional safety during the whole life cycle.

Other facilities include forced air cooling (temperature control), over-current fuse, relay protection device and other multiple protections to ensure the safety of the system.

3. What makes your PV+ ESS product different from competitors? 

We promote DC coupling topology to propose an energy storage solution, which is more efficient, less solar curtailment and less installation and system design cost. Besides, a DC coupling system is easier to be managed by EMS than an AC coupling solution, which brings higher stability of the ESS projects. Our EMS can greatly manage the energy dispatch from different parts of the system, including PV side and ESS side and even other energy resources.

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4. Recently you announced the successful completion of your first order of Energy Storage System (ESS)  in Africa. Could you please brief our readers on it? 

Currently, we have countersigned one 1.2 MWh ESS C&I order successfully in Africa. The project will improve the electricity consumption of local villages. The client is one of the most influential multi-technology companies in West Africa and has taken on plenty of new energy projects with the World Bank, local government, etc.

Jinko C&I ESS system is designed for community microgrids and commercial and industrial applications. The system carries the full range of storage products from 64kwh to 1MWh to cater each individual need. The system is designed with quick installation each step of the way. The system helps the people harness locally available resources to generate and manage power.

5、How do you see the energy storage market evolving in the Middle East in the near future?

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I believe that energy storage has a big potential in some of the Middle East and North African regions. For regions with high floating electricity prices and underdeveloped power grids, energy storage systems can be a good solution to urgent matters.

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