PIXON Engineers More Than 700 KW Solar Installation In Gujarat Within 25 days


The best creates the best! 


Here is an overview of a landmark institutional project commissioned by PIXON.

Within a very short span of 25 days, PIXON finished a remarkable installation at an institution in Gujarat. The total capacity of the project turned out to be 704.8 kW with a significant structure. The basic need of installing a solar plant is to save money by reducing electricity bills and to save the environment from toxic gases otherwise released into the air. 


PIXON – a premium Solar module manufacturer installed its high-quality Mono PERC Solar PV Modules of 400 Wp for the highest generation. PIXON envisions to help people to achieve a greener and pollution-free lifestyle along with saving huge on electricity bills.


Project Size: 704.8 kW

Area of Utilization: 5640 sq. m. 

PV Module: PIXON Mono PERC 400 Wp

LCOE: Approx. 1.1 rs/unit

Annual Energy Generation: Approx. 12,67,200 units

Trees Saved: 33,135 trees

CO2 Emissions Avoided in a year: Approx. 1039.1 tonnes


Project Outline:

The project was developed with an outlay of installing over 700 kW capacity in a rooftop structure. The major focus was on getting maximum generation without disturbing the aesthetic structure of the university. 

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One of the major concerns of this project was a commitment to the safety and security of the workforce due to the height of the buildings. The company ensured all the preventive measures and the entire project was completed accident-free which sets a benchmark in the industry.



The institution has different types of roofs including Domes, Shades & RCC roofs. This demanded different types of installation structures. The installation has a unique structure with a combination of Mini Rails, Dome Clamps & Ballast type of structure on a total of 15 roofs. The height of the buildings was also one of the difficult parts as it made the task of material shifting, cable dressing and the rest more hectic. The structure of the university is such that the team required a lot of effort to find a shadow-free area.                                                                                                                         

Giving shape to a huge installation during these tough times of pandemic when nobody would even step out of their houses is a challenging task in itself. There were two major aspects of this. Like every coin has two sides, the pandemic disrupted the entire supply chain for every industry and thus procuring materials was one of the major problems. Time boundations as per the government guidelines were also a major concern. But on the other side, PIXON had the advantage of working without any disturbances as the institute was not functional due to the pandemic. SolarEdge inverter was used in the solar plant set up to avoid the power losses due to the shading effect.

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Benefits to Client

Project life: 25 years

ROI: above 25%

Payback: within 2.5 – 3 years

Project Revenue: approx. 20 Cr

As the installation is grid-connected, the system is also synchronized with DG which provides an option during the time of power cut. Our team of professionals completed the entire project in a very short time span of 25 days. The project was commissioned on 22nd July 2021.

About PIXON:

We are a solar module manufacturing company – a venture of Marwadi Group of Companies. We manufacture solar modules as well as module raw materials such as EVA Films. With the state-of-the-art turnkey manufacturing facility of European origin, we offer the best quality products with enhanced performance. We ensure turnkey solutions and support till the project is up and running and functioning steadily. 

We offer turnkey EPC solutions to provide end-to-end solutions from site survey to procuring materials to installation as well as covering all the necessary government approvals. Not just this, we also offer O&M services post-installation. All in all, PIXON becomes a one-stop solution for all the solar installation requirements. Most importantly we manufacture Solar Modules and module raw materials, which gives us leverage over the guaranteed quality of efficiency of the project.  

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