Special Publication: ESG-Responsible Investing


Environment Social And Governance (ESG) is a form of sustainable investing that measures the impact of a company’s ethical contribution to its stakeholders.

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, attention to ESG issues is becoming critical to long-term competitive success. Major institutional investors recognize this and are making it clear that they expect the companies they hold to take a proactive approach to ESG policies.

Companies that recognize the importance of adapting to changing socio-economic and environmental conditions are better able to identify strategic opportunities and meet competitive challenges.

Now more than ever, there is a growing importance for companies to ramp up their focus on social responsibility. “Social responsibility,” in simple terms, means a business’s obligation to pursue achievable and good long-term goals for its people and the world at large.

SolarQuarter is happy to release its Special Publication: ESG – Responsible Investing. The publication covers interviews of industry experts and deep insights on different topics pertaining to ESG and CSR.

SolarQuarter gratefully acknowledges and thanks all the participants for their valuable contributions.

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