Egypt Links-Up With Siemens Energy For Green Hydrogen


Egypt collaborates with Siemens Energy to build a green hydrogen industry. The company will work with the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC), state power group on the pilot project. This will deploy up to 200 MW electrolyzer.


Siemens Energy CEO, Christian Bruch said, “Green hydrogen has the capacity to significantly decarbonize industry and expand economic diversity. The development of a homegrown hydrogen ecosystem and value chain in Egypt has the potential to deliver a more sustainable and prosperous future for Egyptians.”


“The pilot plant will help to drive early technology deployment, establish a partner landscape, establish and test regulatory environment and certification, setup off-take relations, and define logistic concepts,” said Siemens Energy.


The German giant has a history of working in Egypt. The country also has an abundance of wind and solar energy required to cut down the cost of renewables. This is an important factor for producing green hydrogen.

Egypt has about 1.8 GW of solar base, the largest in the world. The nation is eyeing on exporting the hydrogen produced in Europe and Asia.

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