ENGIE Inaugurates the Largest Solar Farm in Marcoussis


Engie Green commissioned the largest solar farm in Île-de-France, in the presence of Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Ecological Transition.


ENGIE Green was chosen at the end of 2017 by the municipality of Marcoussis and the SIGEIF (Intercommunal Syndicate for Gas and Electricity in Île-de-France) to carry out this exemplary project.

With a total capacity of 20.3 MWp, it has nearly 60,000 photovoltaic panels, making it the largest solar power plant north of the Loire. It produces some 21,629 MWh each year, or the equivalent of the domestic consumption of 10,000 people.


The cost of the project is € 18.8 million and was co-financed via a project company owned by ENGIE (60%), SIGEIF (20%) and the citizens. What makes this project exceptional is that it benefited from a very important crowdfunding campaign. Nearly € 1.4 million was raised, from eco-investors.


ENGIE CEO Catherine MacGregor said “ENGIE, the leading developer of renewable energy in France with 75% renewables in its energy mix, is the leader in solar power in France, with the 1.3 GW that we are building and operating today. The inauguration of the Marcoussis solar farm is a great success which embodies our vision of a regional project, built in close collaboration with local partners and elected officials, whom I would like to thank for their trust. The use of crowdfunding has fostered community involvement in this project and allowed local residents to become players in the energy transition.”

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In France, ENGIE has a presence in all renewable technologies, with an installed capacity of 7.9 GW (of which 1.3 GW is solar, 2.7 GW wind and 3.9 GW hydropower) and thus promotes a balanced energy mix through complementary sectors that make the most of local resources – photovoltaic solar, onshore wind, hydropower and biogas.

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