Featured Talks With Alvin Shi, Managing Director MENA region, Sungrow


1. Kindly brief us about the presence of Sungrow in the Middle East.


With the local branch established in Dubai, Sungrow continues to make big moves with inverters installed in landmark plants, including Oman’s largest PV project — the 500MW Ibri 2 solar plant,

an 800MW PV project in Qatar, a 900MW PV project in Dubai. Sungrow takes the first place in market share in the Middle East and will facilitate the footprints in both utility-scale and distributed generation segments in this solar hub.


2. What is Sungrow’s growth strategy for the Middle East Market in order to expand the business?

Sungrow focuses on the clean energy field and has a track record for over 24 years. We’ll keep a growing investment on R&D and continue to pioneer on product innovations, thus we can provide a competitive product portfolio to customers in the Middle East. 

To fulfill the mission of “Clean power for all”, our local team which includes sales, technical engineers, service engineers will always bring the world leading solar inverter technology and most bankable product portfolio, to optimize the LCOE for projects in the Middle East region.

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3. What are the challenges faced in the region, especially with the harsh desert climate. How do Sungrow’s innovative inverter solutions deal with it?

Solar power is poised for future growth in the Middle East, driven by ample sunshine, booming economies and population. While given the harsh desert climate, equipment had to be chosen carefully.

Sungrow keeps pioneering cutting-edge innovations tailored to this region. Inverter solutions are

resilient in complex environments such as extreme temperature, dusty and harsh conditions, given the IP66 and C5 protection capability and smart forced air-cooling technology. Solutions are compatible with bifacial modules and tracking systems, allowing higher yields.

4. How will you differentiate Sungrow’s SG250HX-IN-20, the most powerful 1500V String Inverter Solution from the competition?

Sungrow SG250HX-IN-20 is resilient in complex environments such as extreme temperature, dusty and harsh conditions, given the IP66 and C5 protection capability and smart forced air-cooling technology. Compatible with bifacial modules and tracking systems, the solution allows considerable yields by leveraging the sunlight resources onsite.

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5. What have been some technology advancements made by Sungrow recently?

Sungrow offers advanced inverter solutions like SG6250HV-MV recently. The standard 40-ft container integrates key components altogether and is equipped with a self-constructed grid function which enables advanced pre-commissioning prior to grid availability and high pass rate when hot commissioning.

Considering that the energy storage solution can meet the requirements, such as peak shaving, renewable energy curtailment, frequency regulation and voltage regulation, SG6250HV-MV is reserved with a DC ESS (energy storage system) interface for future consideration, enabling no

further modifications of system design.

As for the energy storage segment, Sungrow is the pioneer in 1500V energy storage system solutions with applications in key markets like the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, China, etc. The DC-coupled and AC-coupled solar-plus-storage solutions are widely adopted as per varied demands.

6. How has your journey been with Sungrow?

I’m the Managing Director of Sungrow MENA region, leading the sales, market strategy and development in the Middle East and North Africa market.

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I was previously working as one of the first bunch of overseas sales for SUNGROW energy storage systems. Most of the time, an energy storage system is coupled together with solar, it can improve the solar plant’s performance, for instance, smoothing the output, providing solar energy in the micro-grid system. Several years ago, I was transferred internally to develop the MENA market and hope my expertise in both solar and storage will help contribute to this vibrant solar hub.

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