JA Solar’s Africa Growth Strategy: Building and Leading Capacity in a New Market


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SolarQuarter had an exclusive conversation with Mr. Hadyr K. – General Manager Africa at JA Solar and learned about the innovative DeepBlue 3.0 products. Mr. Haydr elaborated on the product features and spoke about how these modules are set to revolutionize the African market. He also provided insights on how JA Solar is expanding in the African region and ruling the capacity.


The market demand for your DeepBlue 3.0 product is tremendous, could you please give us the product highlights and brief.

Yes. sure, DeepBlue 3.0 products are based on 182 mm cells. The modules are designed with the most reliable gallium doped cells technology combining with meticulous chosen materials to provide the best yield experience. And the product’s energy yield performance has won recognition from third-party certification authorities and is awarded the title of “Energy Yield Simulation AQM Award 2020”, which validates the excellent power generation capacity of DeepBlue 3.0.

The product is very compatible with the majority of inverters manufactured in this category, as well as the structure and tracking companies. Hence, this makes it easy for any company to operate them. The product reflects a design mindset of “customer-oriented, to achieve optimal LCOE “.  DeepBlue 3.0 modules come with 11 busbars to improve module power for about 10 W by increasing the current collection inside of the cell and utilizing the thinner Round Ribbon to increase light absorption. 

When it comes to technology, what are some unique core technologies utilized in DeepBlue 3.0 modules.

We talk about half cell technologies, round ribbon, and multi-busbar which is part of DeepBlue 3.0 technology. It is a merge of high-efficiency materials with new-generation PERC high-efficiency cell technology PERCIUM+, and Ga-doped silicon wafers, which enables the product to have great reliability, conversion efficiency, and power generation performance. This combination offers unparalleled and unmatched performance and has made the module one of the best options to help achieve grid parity in 2021. Also, I would like to highlight that the most important thing is how mature the technology is, and all real site data today could prove it right. 

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Please tell us how these modules are best suited for the African region.

It is important to say that we have been supplying Solar modules in Africa since 2010 and performance satisfaction is quite on the top. We are very familiar with different types of weather in the continent and different projects sizes and market segments. Our solar panels have gone through various testing conditions, which are worse than the reality of the ground.

And DeepBlue 3.0 has a very good temperature coefficient of – 0.35%/℃ at Pmax, which now is considered one of the greatest co-efficient temperatures in the industry. The result of our testing shows how robust, and resistant is the product. I trust that experiences have shown that JA Solar does not promote a product unless they are 200% sure about their reliability, that is the culture of the company. 

How is JA Solar planning to scale up and expand more in the Africa region in the coming years?

We have grown a lot in the last three years. We have a presence in 8 countries in the continent. Our intention at JA Solar is to contribute to the growth of the continent. We like to enter new markets and focus on creating our trend.  As the market is also slowly progressing, we start to create a foundation to initiate and welcome the boost of a dynamic solar industry. Besides providing direct training to industry players, we are recruiting more and more local employees that we have trained to also contribute to the solar revolution. And we believe that these employees will be the future Africa leaders in the solar industry. So, the intention of the company is not to rely on what is existing, but also to build a good capacity for that market.

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We have been building capacity for the market by training the workers we have right now. And as a strategy, we are surely developing more footprints in terms of having sales close to customers, providing quick and better customer services, and ensuring that all the workers grow together with the company as the African market is growing. Because the prediction is showing that the Africa market will be growing exponentially in the coming years.

How does JA Solar plan to rule the capacity in Africa?

Presently, everyone has their eyes on DeepBlue 3.0 modules.  Our product DeepBlue 3.0 boasts of excellent innovative technology i.e new-generation PERC high-efficiency cell technology PERCIUM+ and Ga-doped silicon wafers.  The fact that the product has 2% degradation in the first year, is a great breakthrough in this industry. Also, the temperature coefficient of the product is very low, which also helps a lot in terms of conversion to the high power and high production value for the technology.

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At JA Solar, we have been number one in terms of technology innovation. As a company, we have a large number of patents. We have supplied a large volume in Africa. As per the last year, we supplied about 63 GW worldwide, which is very exciting numbers for this industry as a top leading company. In 2010 we have supplied Africa with one of the first large projects, which was in North Africa and is still operational now. This again shows that JA Solar’s technology is very resistant. As a company, we encourage the young generation, to get more and more involved in renewable energy and solar in particular. We empower the young people and train them to be ready for taking the lead to a better world and better environment. And of course, gender equality is highly prioritized by the company. 

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