Gujarat Accounts for 15% of India’s Installed Capacity from Non-Conventional Sources


The government said that Gujarat accounts for 15% of the country’s installed capacity for power generation from non-conventional energy sources.


In terms of setting up solar rooftop systems on private residential properties, Gujarat is the first in the country, it added.

Gujarat has 1,444 MW of installed capacity in relation to solar rooftop projects, these include residential, commercial, and industrial solar rooftop projects.


Projects with the capacity of generating 14,963 MW of electricity from non-conventional sources are currently operational in Gujarat, the state government said.


Solar rooftop systems have been installed on 2.84 lakh houses and 1,081 MW electricity is being generated.

The release added that Gujarat announced its solar power policy in 2008-09. The installed capacity of solar power in the state today is 5,947 MW, the government said. Gujarat stands third in the country in terms of solar power generation.

The installed capacity of wind power projects in the state is 8,860 MW, the government said.

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