NBB To Provide Financing Plans For Customers Looking To Install Solar Panels


National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) partners with Almoayyed Solar Company to offer exclusive financing plans for its retail customers looking to install solar energy panels for sustainable life.


The plan is targeted towards the use of renewable resources and environmental preservation across the kingdom for all the applicants.


Solar panel financing also aligns with the company’s target to shift towards alternative clean energy solutions which are provided by the company.


“As a leading solar panel provider, Almoayyed Solar Company seeks to encourage environmental conservation as an essential component towards the gradual shift to a more environmentally-conscious society,” said Almoayyed International Group chairman Mohammed Farouk Almoayyed.


“Alongside our collaboration with the NBB, the Solar Panel Financing is amongst one of our many initiatives in which we aim to have solar panels readily available for our customers, offering dedicated maintenance teams and world-class aftercare services,” he added.

Customers who want to apply for it will benefit from competitive interest rates, quick approvals financing, a 50% discount on insurance fees with a tenure of up to 7 years, and zero processing fees.

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NBB retail banking chief executive Subah Al Zayani, said, “We hope to increase awareness amongst our valued clients on the significant impact that this initiative will have on our community.”

“We aspire to work side by side with more companies in the private sector in order to collectively preserve the environment and enrich the lives of future generations,” he added.

Solar panels are a sustainable way to improve the health of the environment and the customers will also benefit from the same with reduced costs in the long run.

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