Airobotics And Solar Drone To Develop Solar Panel Cleaning Drones


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Airobotics and Solar Drone have collaborated to develop and supply solar panel cleaning drone systems. It will compromise a drone docking station for the replacement of the automatic battery, enabling the system to operate, and cleaning fluid replenishment.


Airobotics is an Israel-based company that manufactures drones and aerial data platforms. Solar Drone is an Israeli company that provides solar farm services.


Solar panels which are currently used need to be cleaned regularly as dust, mud, dirt, and bird droppings are collected which decreases the impact of power output. This process is time-consuming as well as expensive.

The joint venture will create effective solar energy systems and drone services. A new drone-based cleaning solution will be marketed and sales of around $10 million are anticipated in the next 3 years in countries including India, Europe, UAE, and Israel.

Meir Kliner, Airobotics CEO and Co-Founder said, “Our agreement with Solar Drone can leverage Airobotics’ advanced core technology to help monitor and maintain solar farms. This is another step for us into a multi-billion-dollar market.”

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Shmuel Yanai, Solar Drone Founder, said, “Today’s solutions are unwieldy, uneconomical, and unable to cope with modern solar farms. We believe the entry of Airobotics’ drone technology into the market is a game-changer, with significant economic potential.”

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