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Transition To Green Energy With Rooftop Solar In Indonesia

SECI Floats Tender for 50 MW of Rooftop Solar Systems on Government Buildings

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Indonesia is seeing an increase in installed rooftop solar panel buildings and the local government’s decision to install solar panels at the government-owned building by 2022 has made this possible. Generating electricity from solar energy sources has various benefits. Solar energy is sustainable, more affordable, and abundant.

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During working hours and daylight, energy utilization is reduced to 5-10% in office buildings, and due to this power can be generated with solar panels alone without any electric sources which reduce electricity costs.

As per the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’ Director of New and Renewable Energy Chrisnawan Anditya, the country has installed 4,262 solar panels by mid-2021 which has increased from 609 users in 2018.

The National Energy Council member Satya Widya Yudha also said that 23% of the country’s electricity would be generated by renewable energy sources by 2025 if solar panel installations in Indonesia continue to rise at this pace.

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The government revised its regulation on the utilization of rooftop solar panels among users of PT PLN, a state-owned electricity provider company for exporting electricity generated by private solar panels from 65% to 100%. This rise will encourage the locals to install solar panels as they can now earn by transferring surplus electricity.

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry recently issued a regulation on the implementation of a quality standard for crystalline silicon photovoltaic module products, by providing a legal basis for SNI certification for solar panel products in Indonesia.

The government must enforce product quality and ensure all solar power products manufactured in the country have SNI certification. This will protect locals from people who look for profits from solar panels by making low-quality products which may be harmful and defective.

A committee member of Jakarta’s Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), Ihsan Fadhlur Rahman, spoke of having partnered with Utomo SolaRUV in opening three new branch stores in the Greater Jakarta area.

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Rahman hoped that his store in South Tangerang, South Jakarta, and Serpong in Tangerang District would allow residents to experience solar panel technology closer to their homes. The employees of solar panel stores that he operates can introduce solar panel technology to the customers and can also inform them about the benefits of solar panels and their operational methods and cost.

After seeing the advantages and expenses of operating and maintaining solar panels, the residents can decide if they are capable of installing solar panels and see if it is worth the cost and savings.

The shift to green and clean energy must start as soon as possible and residents who are installing solar panels at their homes are a step forward for the transition.

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