Trina Solar And AL-Raebi Sign First N-Type Vertex Deal in Middle East During WFES 2022


40MW of N-type Vertex modules to be supplied to cater to Middle East market energy demands


Trina Solar has signed its first N-type Vertex deal in the Middle East with Al-Raebi for Trading Co. during World Future Energy Summit 2022 held in Abu Dhabi in middle January. This first of its kind deal in the Middle East region aims to supply the Middle East market with 40MW using Trina Solar’s latest N-type Vertex module to cater to the country’s increasing energy needs. The N-type Vertex module uses PACO technology to increase the power and efficiency up to 690W+.


Al-Rabei, Trina Solar’s authorized distributor in the Middle East, will ensure that the country benefits from the latest technology and quality service by supplying Trina Solar’s latest N-type Vertex PV modules that are based on 210mm technology ensuring high reliability and solid performance to consumers across the Middle East market.


Antonio Jimenez, Managing Director and Vice President, Middle East, Trina Solar commented: “We are proud to bring our latest Vertex module to the region. Our long and prosperous relationship with Al Raebi allows us to deliver the power, efficiency and reliability needed to accelerate the adoption of clean energy in the Middle East. We are proud to see more solar projects in the Middle East implemented through our authorized distributor Al Raebi and play a key role in the already large photovoltaic industry in the Middle East.”

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Abdullah M. Raebi, General Manager of Al-Raebi for Trading Co., stated: “Solar energy has rapidly gained popularity, and within only a few years, it has become the foundation of Middle East’s electricity supply. we are truly proud to be leading the way in the Middle East solar sector by introducing Trina Solar’s latest PACO modules that are based on 210mm technology, allowing us to deliver the most advanced solar technology to address the current and future market demand.”

The cutting-edge 210mm Vertex portfolio of ultra-high-power modules ranging from 400W+ up to 690W+ designed for residential, C&I and Utility Sector integrates high efficiency, high reliability, high power generation and low cost due to its low-voltage high-string power design.

As a platform, 210-technology can continuously superimpose any cutting-edge technology by virtue of its open nature. 210+N-type technology is undergoing rapid advance, which sets a new cost-saving standard and ultimately ensures project’s earnings to maximize customer value, making PV solar energy more cost competitive. 210+N-type technology once again leads the photovoltaic industry to quickly step into a higher level.

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