Maldives Issues Grid Upgradation Tender For Integration of Distributed Solar PV

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Under the World Bank funded Accelerating Renewable Energy Integration and Sustainable Energy (ARISE) project, the Ministry of Environment Climate change and Technology is seeking interested parties to submit bids for Grid-uprading works in selected islands of the Maldives. The project is to be delivered on Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) basis.


The works for the tender in general cover grid infrastructure upgrading and modernization works on Fifteen (15) islands for integration of distributed solar PV systems and to support the optimal operation of a hybrid solar PV diesel electricity network with a high renewable energy fraction. Also these upgrades addresses the infrastructure needs to cater the growing electricity demands in the islands.


The scope of works can differ from island to island and includes electrical works ranging from upgrading conductor lines for entire island distribution networs to segments of networks, converting electric grids operating on low voltage levels to medium voltage (11 kV) levels and installation of automated substations along with electric feeder cables and fiber optimic communication ring networks.
The tender is packaged in Three (3) Lots.

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Lot 1: Addu City Mainland and Hulhumeedhoo, Fuvamulah City, and GDh.Thinadhoo
All the islands in this lot encompass medium voltage 11 KV distribution networks and network peak loads are of about 10 MW for addu mainland and in the range of 2-3 MW for the rest of the islands.
Lot 2: B.Eydhafushi, Lh.Hinnavaru, Kulhudhuffushi City
These are also 11kV medium voltage network islands. Kulhudhuffushi city network has an electric peak of about 4 MW while Eydhafushi and Hinnavaru peak levels reach to about 1MW.
Lots 3: L. Fonadhoo, interconnected network of L. Isdhoo, Kalaidhoo and Dhabidhoo, L. Maabaidhoo, L. Kunahandhoo and L. Hithadhoo, Sh. Funadhoo.


From the islands for this lot L. Fonadhoo and Sh. Funadhoo are 11 kV electric grids and the islands of Isdhoo, Kalaidhoo and Dhanbidhoo will also be converted to an integrated grid of 11 kV level while the rest of the islands are low voltage electric grids. All the medium voltage networks in this lot has an electricity peak close or above 1 MW while the smaller LV network islands have electricity peaks in the range of 200-300 kW.

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Interested bidders for this tender shall register and can submit their bids by 26th May 2022, Thursday 13:00hrs Maldivian time.

The works covered in this tender is supported by a US$ 6.2 million grant from International Development Association (IDA) and a US$ 20 million concessional Loan from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) allocated to the Government of Maldives through ARISE project.

The ARISE Project includes delivering 36MW of new Solar PV installations with an estimated cumulative capacity of 50MWh of BESS and Grid infrastructure upgrades. he ARISE Project builds on the efforts of World Bank funded Accelerating sustainable private investment in renewable energy (ASPIRE) initiative commenced in 2014, to bring private investments to accelerate renewable energy uptake in the Maldives.

The Maldives envisions carbon neutrality by 2030 and with an immediate target for the year 2023 to increase the share of renewable energy in the national energy mix by 20% compared to 2018 levels (4%).

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