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Established in 1942, FIMER is an Italian company, one of the largest, tier one, renewable energy equipment supplier in the world. Specializing in solar inverters and electric mobility systems and it offers a comprehensive solar solutions portfolio across all applications: residential, commercial & industrial, Utility-scale. Since 2017, FIMER also develops and manufactures charging solutions for electric vehicles with a complete line of products, for any charging need. FIMER’s skills are further strengthened by its bold and agile approach that sees it consistently invest in R&D. With a presence in over 20 countries together with local training centers and manufacturing hubs, FIMER remains close to its customers and the ever-evolving dynamics of the energy industry. FIMER’s vision is to shape a new and powerful energy model that uses the power of the sun to drive progress and prosperity for a cleaner and sustainable world. FIMER is committed to leveraging the energy playing field to serve growing demands with clean, affordable energy which truly benefits people and places.

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Geographic distributionEmployeesDirect presenceProduction sitesResearch centers
+100 Countries+110026 Countries in 5 Continents          3          3
  • Global repair centers: 12 in 5 continents
  • Active in EV charging: since 2017 
  • Charging Stations: over 54,000+ supplied globally
  • 55GW+ Solar supplied & installed globally
  • Driving “Make In India” vision--5GW+ integrated Manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, India . Central Inverters made in India since 2010.

Product feature : PVS 10/33 (10 kW to 33 kW)


Launched in 2021, FIMER’s PVS-10/33-TL comes with the most advanced digital capabilities which makes it an ideal solution for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications. It is flexible enough to fit anywhere and can be easily installed in new or existing plants to provide lower installation and maintenance costs.  Some of its key features include quick installation, fast commissioning and fuse-free design, which eliminates the need for maintenance and on-site interventions. Available in outputs from 10 kW to 33 kW, the string inverters offer high power density and strong energy harvesting potential. With most advanced in-built digital capabilities PVS-10/33-TL is designed for simplicity. This inverter family guarantees maximum integration with the latest PV technologies, including bifacial modules. The fuse-free design guarantees further savings on maintenance costs and time, reducing on site interventions to a minimum. For installers, the PVS-10/33-TL platforms offer key benefits, including quick installation, easy handling and maintenance and fast commissioning with FIMER’s Installer for Solar Inverters app.

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For more details visit flex 10/33 or fimer.com

Email : info@fimer.com

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