Chidambaranar Port Authority Tenders 5 MW Solar Power Project Installation


Tuticorin’s V. O. Chidambaranar Port Authority has invited proposals for the installation of a 5 MW grid-connected solar power project, on a turnkey basis. The project is expected to cost Rs 250 million.


The deadline for bid submissions is July 4, 2022. Bids will be unfolded the next day.


Bidders must provide a Rs 5 million earnest money deposit. Additionally, a performance security deposit must be provided by the winning bidder, which will be equal to 3% of the contract amount.


The project’s scope of work comprises engineering, design, erection, procurement, testing, supply, and commissioning. The winning bidder will also have to provide a 10-year complete operation and maintenance services.

If the contractor does not complete the project on schedule, the Port Authority shall assess liquidated penalties of 1% of the contract value each week for works up to Rs 1 million. 

Damages of 0.5 percent of the contract value each week of delay will apply to all other works, subject to a minimum of 10% of the contract value.

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The peak output wattage capacity of the modules shall not be less than 90% of the initial value after 10 years and 80% of the initial value after 25 years.

Toughened low iron glass with a minimum thickness of 4 mm for 72-cell modules and 3.2 mm for 60-cell modules should be utilized to create the crystalline silicon modules. To achieve the criteria, the glass should have a transmittance of more than 90% and a bending of less than 0.3%.

To participate in the tender, bidders must have executed 3 similar works, each costing at least 40% of the estimated project cost or 2 similar assignments, each of at least 50% of the project’s projected cost, or one similar work costing at least 80% of the assessed cost of the project.

The reference project’s average yearly financial turnover over the past 3 fiscal years should be at least 30% of the entire anticipated project cost.

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