Voltalia to Construct a New Solar Cluster in Southeastern Brazil


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Voltalia, a global player in renewable energy, announces the creation of a new photovoltaic array with a potential output of 1.5 gigawatts.


After developing large clusters in Brazil at Serra Branca with potential of 2.4 gigawatts, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte and Canudos2 with potentials of more that 1 gigawatts  in the state of Bahia. Voltalia is now developing Arinos, a new cluster of solar cells with the potential to produce more than 1.5 gigawatts. This time, it’s located in the southeast part of the country.

Voltalia has developed the Arinos cluster for its own benefit and for third parties. Voltalia has already formed partnerships with CTG Brasil (a leading company in clean energy in Brazil), and others. After approval, the partners will buy a large portion of the Arinos cluster’s solar sites once each site has completed its development phase. Construction is expected to begin shortly thereafter.

Clustering large projects allow for the pooling and maintenance of infrastructure, connections networks, and maintenance. This is especially beneficial for Voltalia’s projects.

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Voltalia, like each of Brazil’s project clusters (Serra Branca and Canudos), ensures that the project has a positive effect on the environment as well as the surrounding communities, such the use of local labor.

Voltalia’s expansion in Brazil will continue with a pipeline of 5.1 megawatts of projects under development. Voltalia is committed to the development of renewable energy projects. These teams are involved in every step of project development: from assessing the potential sites to securing them, to launching construction after the permits and authorizations have been granted. The goal is to find the most productive sites for electricity production. Voltalia has already sold approximately half of its projects since its inception.

“Voltalia’s launch of the Arinos cluster has proven its ability to produce and provide services in Brazil. We have been developing large solar and wind clusters for renewable energy production for almost ten years. This is our core mission,” stated Sebastien Clerc CEO of Voltalia.

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