Jinko Shares Its Experience And Valuable Insights From The RenewX 2022

Dhruv Sahni, Marketing Manager – South & Central Asia, Jinko Solar

The footfall at the recently held Renew X was great. Jinko was the only international manufacturer participating on a full scale and not being represented by any of its distributors or resellers.


Jinko’s stand was unique and stood out at the event justifying our title sponsorship – N Type Module Partners. Everyone has shown great interest in Jinko’s Tiger Neo, a new product that is based on N Type TOPCon technology.


Jinko was certain that Renew X would be the right platform to present their latest offering in South India, and to promote the technology which is the future of PV.


Till now the P-type mono modules were the go-to product in the market. Jinko is orchestrating that shift to N-type and has the first mover advantage. There is absolutely no doubt that this is what the market would want for the next many quarters to come, and the technology (specially TOPCon) will compete aggressively with everything else that is out there or will be. Jinko is constantly ramping up its N-Type production capacity to the tune of multiple GWs and the response from customers worldwide is just great.  Tiger Neo is lower on degradation and higher on efficiency and has the best-in-class bifaciality factor.

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The company is touching 620 watts with the 78-cell bifacial module. This technology is the most advanced and Jinko will be delivering gigawatts of this product in the coming quarters, not just in India but worldwide. In fact, Jinko has already started!

Regarding impacts of COVID on the overall business, Jinko has experienced unprecedented levels of disruption at homes, communities, as well as at jobs. The PV industry has had its own set of challenges and roadblocks too – with skyrocketing prices, supply chain issues, demand-supply gaps, etc. In spite of all these the company was able to steer through the challenges very well and the past 2 quarters are nothing less than a clear indication of how well we are positioned in the Indian market!

To give a perspective, Jinko shipped more than 3.5 GW of panels to India just in Q4’21 and Q1’22 – This is a record in itself and a testament of our customers’ trust in our brand. Jinko’s message to our valued clients is that Jinko’s journey in India has been an exemplary one and we have proved our mettle in this market, both with record shipment volumes and cutting-edge technology. Jinko is the first and only global brand to complete 8GW of module shipments to India while the company touches the 100GW global supply volume this year – Again, the first ever company to do so! N Type is the future of the PV industry and Tiger Neo will ride that wave with its TOPCon technology that is already proving to be the best for all commercial, residential and utility scale applications.

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By Dhruv Sahni, Marketing Manager – South & Central Asia, Jinko Solar

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