EDP To Scale Up Floating Solar Farms In The South-East Asia Region To Install 16 GWs Of Solar Photovoltaics By 2030 Near Seas And Rivers

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EDP, a company based out of Portugal will scale up floating solar farms in the South East Asia region to install 16 GWs of solar photovoltaics by 2030 near seas and rivers.


CEO of EDP Miguel Stilwell said that last year, Sunseap, a subsidiary of EDP and South East Asia’s fourth-biggest solar company launched the first of these solar farms of 5 MW capacity in Singapore.


“EDP sees this new technology as a good trigger for its expansion in Southeast Asia and is already evaluating and developing other projects there,” Stilwell said.

The Singapore park is the size of 5 soccer fields and it has 13,300 installed solar panels and 30,000 floats. These produce 6.1 GW/hour of power to provide electricity to 1,250 homes in the first year of operation.

Sunseap has a portfolio of 5.5 GW of projects in progress across 9 markets including Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Japan.

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“I think we can capture an important, large slice of that 16 GW forecast by 2030 with offshore floating solar farms,” Stilwell said. He added that seas in this region are calmer than in any other region and the island near these protects it from swelling.

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