Desert Technologies And AlJomaih & Shell Lubricating Oil Company Limited Inaugurates Photovoltaic Plant


Desert Technologies Investment Company, a leader in renewable energy and a part of Desert Technologies Group, and AlJomaih & Shell Lubricating Oil company Limited (JOSLOC), a part of the AlJomaih Holding Group inaugurated the photovoltaic plant to generate electricity from solar energy of five hundred kilowatts capacity. It is located at AlJomaih, the second industrial city of Riyadh. 


The event was attended by Mr Mishaalal Al Khalawi, Director, Licensing and Industrial Control Division, and Mr Nayef Al Ghurair, Director, Second Industrial City in Riyadh, Eng. Yamen Alakel, Head of EPC Department, Desert Technologies Investment Company, Mr Saher Hashed, CEO of AlJomaih and Shell Company, and Eng. Hisham Al Tabbaa, General Manager of Supply Chains, along with a number of consulting managers and engineers from both companies.


AlJomaih Holding Group’s first solar power plant was built in Saudi Arabia on an area of 3500 square meters. It also included the roof of the factory in Riyadh’s second industrial area. The factory also had car parking shades. AlJomaih Holding Group installed 1276 solar panels from the Desert Technologies Industries factory. This was in accordance with its strategic plan. It aims to increase the use of clean electricity in all of its projects. These plans enabled citizens and large consumers to install solar plants of greater than 2 megawatts in their homes and buildings. This was to support the efforts of the Ministry of Industry to localize the sector, increase local content and make its components locally, create a market for solar cell systems, train technical personnel, and offer new jobs to the youth.

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Mr Nayef Al Ghurair, Director of the Second Industrial City in Riyadh, expressed his happiness with the trend of the private industrial sector in the Kingdom towards renewable energy, saying, “The Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (Modon) is working to support factories to move towards solar energy, as it is one of the strategic sectors with added value to the national economy, based on its pivotal role to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the initiatives entrusted to it in the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program “NADLP”, this is all to support their strategy of transformation towards green industrial cities.”

Mr Khaled Sharbatly, CEO of Desert Technologies Investment Company, said, “The rooftop solar plant market has witnessed a major transformation recently, and the rooftop solar plant model has emerged as one of the most sustainable and dependable solar generation models. Desert Technologies is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of solar panels according to the highest quality standards, with more than 12 years of experience in the implementation, development, and operation of solar energy projects on roofs, metal canopies, car outlets and curved roofs. This partnership with one of the most important national companies confirms Desert Technologies’ commitment to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 through active participation in supporting the orientations of Saudi companies towards the use of solar energy and I personally commend the initiative of AlJomaih and Shell Lubricating oil company Limited (JOSLOC) to implement solar energy projects through its facilities.”

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Mr Saher Hashem, CEO of AlJomaih and Shell Lubricating oil company Limited (JOSLOC), said, “The new solar energy project has proven that AlJomaih and Shell is moving towards expanding solar energy solutions, which contributes to saving energy and preserving the environment by reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions and promoting a green economy. This is in line with the Kingdom’s orientations and the goals of Vision 2030 aimed at enabling the renewable energy sector to effectively contribute to the national energy mix.”

He said that the solar plant will cover over 70% of the facility’s energy requirements in its initial phase, and will grow to meet 100% of the plant’s future needs. This project will help the company achieve its goals and increase its commitment to clean energy. It will be part of a larger partnership, which includes Desert Technologies and AlJomaih and Shell Lubricating Oil Company Limited (JOSLOC). This partnership will allow them to share their expertise in all company projects.

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