The Solution Is Skyfri Intelligence, A Real-time, Autonomous, And Integrated Renewable Asset Performance Monitoring And Management SAAS Solution


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    Solar energy development is blooming, and investments are sky-high. The energy source is expected to account for over 60% of the global energy mix in the next decades, but energy production has met a severe issue. Assets are underperforming. Outdated, manual, and low-quality O&M practices are the key reasons.


    This problem is at the core of the inspiration for our products and solutions. While operating in the solar industry for decades, the issue became clearer with time. The solution is Skyfri Intelligence, a real-time, autonomous, and integrated renewable asset performance monitoring and management SaaS solution. It’s one-stop enterprise software for the management and operations of solar power plants. Driven by extensive industry experience and new thinking, we utilize technology to transform how we operate solar power plants today.

    Skyfri Intelligence monitors site generation remotely 24/7, and detects and addresses site issues, underperformance, energy losses, and equipment failure in real-time – improving risk management, energy production, asset lifetime, and return on investment. The integrated CMMS system dynamically creates incidents from real-time alerts and assigns priority tickets to the site team and/or OEMs immediately. Various modular functions within the Skyfri Intelligence suite of software enable efficient day-to-day operations, inventory management, and reporting breaking down silos with easy integration with third-party software. Enabling one single source of truth for asset managers and –operators and maximizing performance – in real-time.

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    Key features:

    – Site performance is monitored 24/7. The secured real-time data stream from site sensors, SCADA to cloud.

    – AI-enabled technology is able to identify underperformance before the equipment fails and immediately pinpoint the root cause of the underperformance. Providing full financial impact and operational overview in real-time.

    – The root cause of underperformance is turned into actionable insights, enabling timely action, warranty claims and making sure the solar plant is operating at maximum performance at all times.

    Our platform is built as a combination of stand-alone applications which makes customizations and third-party integrations easy.

    Data capture: Industrial IoT SCADA 2.0 for all solar assets with the real-time data stream and power plant controller.

    Insights: real-time performance remote monitoring with alarms, geo-tagged digital twin of the plant, and loss-adjusted generation forecast.

    Workflow: PM Scheduling, CMMS & Site management for incidents, and inventory management.

    Finance: financial KPIs, billing and invoicing, order to cash, integration with ERP, and procurement to pay systems.

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    Commercial: contract management, insurance, and warranties, payables, and receivables management.

    The Skyfri IoT device fetches the plant data from the site at remote locations and transfers the data from the site device to the cloud under strong security protocols. Data is then stored and monitored by our cloud platform for real-time and dates analysis of plant performance and recommendation for optimization of loss management. Affordable and easy solution for both retrofit of operating assets or new build, either ground mount or on a rooftop, which can be procured on monthly subscription without an upfront investment Skyfri Intelligence provides a complete operational and financial overview 24/7 in a portfolio/asset dashboard customized as per user role or choice, real-time performance monitoring and AI-based fault/loss detections and loss buckets are categorized and reported through alarms and incidents. Based on the alarms you’ll get recommended actions by the semi-automatic incident handling. For your equipment, you can use the spare management and CMMS-based preventative maintenance feature.

    Furthermore, it includes historical analysis benchmarking, performance against day/month/year, dynamic benchmarking of assets and equipment prediction. You can also find more insights with our drill-down detailed reporting and equipment benchmarking. Finally, the digital twin at string level with augmented geo-located plant layout provides a visual and precise understanding of the location of a fault.

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    Advanced analytics transformed into actionable and prioritized workflows

    Root-cause determination of underperformance is turned into actionable insights and tasks in real-time through Skyfri’s computerized maintenance and management system (CMMS). Automated workflows and recommended actions for on-site personnel via a mobile app based on advanced cost-benefit calculations, making sure the solar plant is taken care of before it breaks down and there is operating at maximum performance 24/7. Comprehensive overview of all operations and maintenance work, work order scheduling and status tracking.

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