GoodWe Has a Complete Inverter Portfolio To Address the Indian Market: Ibrahim Kadriinamdar, Sales Head-Western & Central Region, GoodWe India

Ibrahim Kadriinamdar-Sales Head-Western & Central Region, GoodWe India

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SolarQuarter India magazine had a chat with Ibrahim Kadriinamdar, Sales Head-Western & Central Region GoodWe India and learned about his experience and professional achievements. He also spoke about the evolution of India’s inverter market over the years, business expansion plans and what advice he would like to give to youngsters entering the solar industry.


Give us a brief introduction of yourself and your experience in the solar industry.

With over 14 years of experience in Strategic Sales Planning & Solar EPC Business Development, Revenue Growth/ P&L Management, and Channel & Dealer Management for the Solar PV inverter and PV module business in India, I am an expert working closely with the CEO and CXOs of the company and decision-makers to make them aware of the benefits of the technology and the long-term sustainable business. Exploring the Govt. Nodal Agencies, DISCOMS, and corporates to offer them Solar PV solutions by supplying Solar Inverter PV Modules for their plants as well as supported after-sales service activities.  

How do you see India’s inverter market has evolved over the years? How do you see inverters evolving in the coming years?

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The inverter is a key element of the solar power plant, and GoodWe offers a reliable inverter with the best and most robust technology for long-term plant operation. The inverter capacities are upgraded to match the PV module requirement. Technological advancements are a continuous activity and evolving based on demand. We see a lot of demand for energy storage solutions and the government also aligned with its policies to motivate the BESS segment. GoodWe has a complete inverter portfolio to address the Indian market. Our on-grid inverters are BIS approved.

The Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the global inverter market between 2022–2027, followed by North America and Europe. The inverter market in the Asia Pacific is witnessing significant developments in the renewable energy sector due to increased initiatives toward climate change and net-zero targets, which has supported the demand for inverters across countries of the region.

What has been your biggest professional achievement so far?

I feel good when I interact and listen to customers carefully, that gives me more insights into their needs. I worked closely with a lot of clients in Automobiles, textile, IT, Hospitality, and government segment wherein I enjoyed explaining the importance of choosing the right inverter technology that gives maximum benefits in the long term. This approach has given good revenue for the company to move towards profitability.

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What are your plans for expanding the business in the next couple of years?

Solar energy has become a more viable option for consumers and businesses as the technology has advanced and the improved efficiency of solar modules. I see a lot of demand in commercial and utility projects, where I would be doing focused activities to get the momentum for GoodWe 225KW and 250KW- HT inverters in the India Market. I have cumulative 600MW projects in the funnel for the year 2022.  Gradually, we are developing our network to penetrate our hybrid storage inverters to cater the future demand.

Any piece of advice you would like to give to youngsters entering the solar industry?

The solar power business in India is mollycoddling. The opportunity in this sector is dynamic and extolling. Every person in this country today has a well-economic space to edify his/her solar business without thinking of capital and ancillary expenses. Evading figures, it’s well-known that India today walks on a red carpet in the worldwide gala of the solar Sector.

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The future will be completely energy-driven like each segment will need cost-effective uninterrupted energy to run the business. E-Mobility, Telecommunication, IoT-based infrastructure, etc need energy round the clock and this is the segment where individuals can contribute by working in the renewable energy segment. There are opportunities to become distributors to sell Solar Products, Develop & own solar projects, independent solar consultants, and sell aftermarket products to those who have already solar plants. Also, discuss with industry experts to know more about the Solar Industry.

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