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PM Modi Says India Needs To Reach Next Level for Energy Independence


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India must become self-reliant in the energy sector and lead the world. Red Fort’s ramparts were where Modi spoke on the 76th Independence Day. He said that India must take forward green energy initiatives and be an example to the rest of the world.

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“We must be aatmanirbhar within our energy sector. The prime minister stated that we must take these initiatives to energy independence to the next level, from solar energy to Mission Hydrogen to adoption of EVs. He said that India was moving forward not only in technology but also in science, space missions and ocean missions.

“From the space sector to drone manufacturing to natural farming, India is progressing rapidly in every sector. Natural Farming will give new strength to India. There are multiple employment opportunities opened with the creation of Green Jobs,” Modi said in his ninth Independence Day speech from Red Fort.

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Modi spoke out about India’s attempts to blend ethanol-petrol. He said that India was highly dependent upon oil imports for its needs. We had planned to mix 10% ethanol and petrol. It seemed difficult to do. We were able to blend ethanol and petrol before the deadline.

India is making progress on climate change. It plans to become net zero by 2070, and it will be pushing for non-renewable energy sources. India is the home of 17 percent of the world’s people, but only 5% of global (greenhouse gas emissions).

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