Saatvik Announces The Appointment of Photovoltaic Solar for Retail Distributorship of Saatvik Solar PV Modules


Saatvik, India’s premier module manufacturer, in a recent agreement has appointed Photovoltaic Solar to promote and distribute Saatvik solar PV modules. In a recent deal, the firm created this collaboration to pursue the chances that the Solar sector currently offers, as the need for conversion from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy is on the rise. Saatvik the leading and fastest growing brand acclaims that this alliance will sure help them grow exponentially in the defined regions. 


Saatvik’s expansion strategy seeks to serve the majority of the Indian market by producing high-quality solar PV modules. With ambitions to begin export sales soon by 2023, Saatvik plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Gandhidham, Gujarat, with a capacity of 1.5GW/annum making Saatvik total production capacity upto2.5 GW/Annum. The company claims that the new manufacturing unit based in Gandhidham will be equipped with the latest and most advanced technology for manufacturing Solar Modules and cells. Currently, Saatvik is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of high-efficiency Solar PV modules using M10 and G-12 technology. With innovations as the key core area, Saatvik has established state of an art manufacturing unit in Ambala (Haryana) with an annual production of up to 1GW/annum.

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Mr. Pushpendra Samadhiya (National Head – Sales) mentioned that appointing Photovoltaic Solar as an authorized distributor will undoubtedly expand Saatvik Modules’ reach and footprints. Mr. Samadhiya further mentioned that the Photovoltaic solar network would undoubtedly offer us the market penetration required to reach out to even more end users.


Photovoltaic Solar has extensive expertise in the renewable industry. With its headquarters in Vadodara. The company serves the whole western market, marketing, selling, and completing solar projects throughout the area.

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