SOFARSOLAR Has Always Pursued Excellent Products And Services To Meet The Growing Demands Of Customers: Brijesh Prajapati, Managing Director-India Shenzhen Sofarsolar Co.Ltd.

Brijesh Prajapati Managing Director-India Shenzhen Sofarsolar Co

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SolarQuarter India magazine had a chat with Brijesh Prajapati, Managing Director – India Shenzhen Sofarsolar Co.Ltd. and got to know about the company’s inverter supply till date and its deep R&D focus. He also spoke about their Energy storage solutions, hybrid inverters and batteries.


How many Inverters have you supplied in India till now, and what is the target/expectation for the remaining part of the year?


So far more than 1.8Gw+ Supplied in the Indian market & in the current year we have planning to achieve a target of more than 1Gw+ and as per the current order situation SOFARSOLAR will try to achieve more than 1Gw+ Inverter order in the current year.

How is your company increasing its focus on R&D technology and investment?

SOFARSOLAR modern factory is located in Dongguan, covering an area of more than 40, 000 square meters, with a number of fully automated production lines, where there are six 100% inspection links from the component incoming to the product delivery to guarantee the product quality from the source, and modern laboratory and burn-in room to escort the product quality continuously.

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SOFARSOLAR has always pursued excellent products and services to meet the growing demands of customers. For more than ten years, SOFARSOLAR has always followed the philosophy of continuous innovation and loyal operation and focuses on the development, production, sales and service of PV inverters, energy storage inverters, batteries, charging platforms etc. By using globally-recognized components’ brands, the SOFARSOLAR product is extending the life span of products used within the power grid. Meanwhile, Sofarsolar inverters have upgraded technology (e.g Built-in DC switch, IV curve intelligent scan, Audible alarm, Ground fault monitoring, Integrated zero export function, Support for remote firmware upgrade function, Parallel function of energy storage multiple machines, Three-phase energy storage supports the unbalanced use of three-phase loads, etc).

How is SOFARSOLAR planning to expand into the energy storage market, Hybrid inverter & Li-Ion batteries segment?

In the Indian renewable energy segment SOFARSOLAR is a leading player in the string inverter and now SOFARSOLAR planning to expand the energy storage market , Hybrid inverter & Li-Ion batteries segment as per Indian market demand.

The Sofar PowerAll adopts a fully modular design and can be stacked in any combination. With deep integration with lithium battery and inverter, the system can monitor the real-time status of PV panel, lithium battery, grid power and load, and automatically control the power flow direction with a smart energy management strategy to achieve the optimization of system power distribution. Meanwhile, the system can quickly switch between system battery charging and discharging demands and shorten the response time to be within 100ms.

  • SOFAR PowerAll Intelligent Residential Storage System:-
  • -Modular and Integrated design for easy transportation and installation.
  • -More available battery energy with pack optimization.
  • -Batteries flexible expansion in stages.
  • -Extremely low battery self-consumption in sleep mode.
  • -Batteries one-button shutdown.
  • -Critical loads switching time less than 10ms.
  • -Compatibles with high current PV panels.
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With the Make in India focus, how do you see the market scope for SOFARSOLAR in the coming years?

Actually earlier we decided, will try to develop Make in India inverter concepts for the Indian market but nowadays it’s postponed due to the Covid situation & will think out later for manufacturing.   In 2022 Year SOFARSOLAR is very aggressive with new agenda for Business expansion with new innovative products & some up-gradation on current products. Sooner or later Make in India concept will apply to the Indian market & it will be more useful for local distributors and installers for easy ontime availability with better prices. If local manufacturer follows the process as per required testing facility, production facilities & required manpower to do complete manufacturing task with proper testing/quality process then customer will get proper worth products as per invested coast.

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