Making the “Pearl” on the Old Silk Road Shining Again – GoodWe Demonstrates Prowess in the 80MW PV Project in Gansu, China


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    It is a well-known fact that China has built and led the global solar push in the past decade. “China has more solar energy capacity than any other country in the world, at a gargantuan 130 gigawatts. It is no wonder that the vast, sun-drenched plains of north and north-western China have become home to huge solar farms,” quoted from BBC. 


    All this comes even as China is actively pushing its decarbonization agenda to become a carbon-neutral economy by 2060. According to Wood Mackenzie, the energy consultancy, the global solar powerhouse is set to add another 619 GW of solar energy by 2030. Reaching that goal will require innovation in the application of green technologies and business models. Keeping up with this vision, new & innovative solar projects are being adopted as a reliable & clean source of energy. GoodWe, the world-leading PV inverter supplier, has greatly empowered the recent 80MW PV project in northwest China’s Gansu province.

    80MW PV Project in Gansu, China

    Once an important hub along the original Silk Road, Gansu province has seen commercial and cultural exchanges between the East and West since ancient times. Because of China’s new Belt and Road initiative, the past “pearl” of the trade route has once again caught the world’s attention and is glowing again. Against such a backdrop, the recent PV project in Gansu’s Dunhuang and Zhangye cities undoubtedly gives additional force to the rebirth of this area. The project has not only ensured the effective use of the local solar energy but also optimized the local economic and industrial structure, significantly contributing to its environmental protection and economic development.

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    Desert in Dunhuang city, Gansu province, China
    Danxia Landform in Zhangye City, Gansu Province, China

    Situated at the edge of the vast Gobi Desert, Dunhuang city boasts long hours of strong sunshine throughout the year, but it is thus characterised by dry air, high temperatures and widespread dust. Harsh environmental conditions like these make for high demands for advanced & powerful solar technologies. Inverters installed outside are required to be subjected to high-temperature fluctuations and sandstorms. 

    Because of the proven cutting-edge technology and reliable performance in projects worldwide, 356 sets of GoodWe GW225K-HT inverters are used in this project, ensuring an annual average power generation of 186.84 million kWh. There is also a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emission by 142,800 tons. This is a huge driving factor for us to partner with more innovators and continues #ReshapingSmartEnergy. 

    GoodWe’s 225kW string inverter features IP66 water and dust protection with IP68 external cooling fans while providing excellent corrosion resistance. It can be operated under a wide temperature range of -40 ℃ to 60 ℃ and is adapted to various complicated cases. Meanwhile, in such arid and outskirt areas, the inverters offer a Remote Monitoring System which not only saves time & cost but also makes O&M much simpler and hassle-free.

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    As a world-leading PV inverter and energy storage systems manufacturer, GoodWe has never stopped seeking technological innovation. With its continuous investment in ground-mounted power plants and large-scale energy bases, GoodWe has been recognized by more and more customers and can definitely play a key role in developing global solar markets and helping more cities and areas take advantage of renewable clean energy.

    About GoodWe

    GoodWe is a world-leading PV inverter and energy storage systems manufacturer listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688390). The company has more than 3,000 employees located in 20 different countries and a team of over 500 engineers working at its R&D centers to continuously optimize and advance energy storage technology. GoodWe storage inverters were ranked No. 1 globally by Wood Mackenzie in 2020, with over 20% market share, and the company was ranked one of the world’s Top 10 inverter suppliers by IHS Markit. Having achieved over six consecutive TÜV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” awards and consistently being ranked at the top in terms of overall product quality, GoodWe’s comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV systems is guaranteed to deliver high performance and reliable quality across the board. 

    About GoodWe HT series 

    The new HT-Series seamlessly incorporates different sets of technical strengths intended to achieve higher savings in the installation, enhancing productivity and diversifying the monitoring options available, taking safety to the maximum possible level in accordance with the most demanding national standards. This utility-scale solar inverter also introduces innovations and technological flexibilities that make it highly compelling as a viable utility option. The result of this extensive list of advantages is a well-conceived, harmonious, technologically advanced and asset owner-centered inverter that is also aesthetical.

    The GoodWe team aspires that the HT-Series can be considered as a supply option for new utility and C&I projects all over the world and not only meets but exceeds our customers’ expectations.


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