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Soltec Introduces Its Latest Integrated Solutions, SFOne In Middle East

How DEWA Is Transforming The Solar Energy Landscape In The Middle East

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Soltec, a Spanish company that specialises in vertically integrated solutions for the photovoltaic sector of solar energy, has brought its latest addition to Middle East markets, SFOne, which is an innovative tracker. This is a sign of Soltec’s commitment to 1P technology.

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Soltec is a company with more than 18 years of experience. It offers innovative services to its market and has a 16-country presence.

International Energy Agency says photovoltaic power is the most affordable source. Experts such as Benjamin Attia (an energy analyst at Wood Mackenzie), claim that solar energy is the best kilowatt-hour to make in the Middle East.

Soltec made its first foray into the Arab market in 2017 by building a 16.5 MW solar power plant in Al Zumeilah. It is located 50 kilometers south of Amman, Jordan. Over the years, it has continued to improve and bring its technology to the region.

The SFOne tracker features full-wireless technology, one of the most innovative and advanced on the market. It also incorporates Dy-Wind technology. This is the most advanced method for designing wind structures and adaptability for terrain and environments. It can be configured to a single row double axis configuration and can accommodate modules from 72 to 78 cells. It is also easier to install due to its self-powered module. This speeds up the process of building plants.

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This tracker is not new to the company. Soltec introduced the SA Series tracker in 2009 with a multi-row 1P configuration. Soltec continued to innovate solar tracking after the launch of this product and now specializes in trackers with a 2-invertical (2P).

After a long cycle of innovation in 2P technology, Soltec now wants to focus its attention on 1P to meet all its customers’ needs.

Soltec CEO Raul Morales stated that “Our priority is responding to the needs of our customers and to the market”, and that through our continuous and consistent commitment to innovation, we can develop new products to solve each customer’s project.”

It was also pointed out that photovoltaic companies with a large international reach are looking to attract investment and capitalize on the opportunities that this area offers.

The Middle East enjoys a number of unique geographical and solar advantages. It’s high radiation and a large number of uninhabitable areas give it an unparalleled competitive advantage. According to Soltec.

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Morales stated, “It’s a source of light and a region rich in opportunities for renewable energy, especially solar.”

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