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Kowry Energy Connects Off-Grid Solar Systems in Three African Countries

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German sustainability-driven energy service provider, Kowry Energy has announced the successful commissioning of decentralized solar systems in three countries of West Africa. These solar installations were commissioned within 16 months of the company’s incorporation.


Kowry Energy has designed and commissioned four off-grid solar energy systems in Senegal, Nigeria, and Mali. The recently installed projects are the first of several forming portfolios in these countries that will be completed within three years.

The German-based company designed two solar energy systems on behalf of Proserve Energy Services for a plastic recycling plant and food processing unit in Abuja, Nigeria. These rooftop-mounted solar systems each have the capacity of 286 kWp, 

According to Kowry, these two PV systems can replace up to 50% and almost 100% of the demand from mainly diesel generators used in the recycling and food processing units, respectively. These systems can collectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 200,000 kg per annum.

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Kowry Energy has designed a 10 kWp decentralized PV system with battery storage for Sud Solar Systems in Senegal. The system provides clean and affordable electricity to seven micro-enterprises and two public buildings in the Bani community located in the southern part of the country.

In Djine, Mali, Kowry commissioned a 69 kWp solar hybrid energy system with battery storage, along with a backup generator. The project was commissioned for Access Energie and will provide electricity to residents, businesses, and public buildings in the region.

According to Ndiarka Mbodji, CEO & Founder of Kowry Energy, several countries across Africa have resiliently emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic and now face the challenges brought about by climate change, food, water, and energy insecurity.

“These inaugural projects prove our concept and demonstrate the demand for our unique offering. We look forward to deepening our relationship with our customers and partners in West Africa and to expanding our reach across Africa,” commented Mbodji.

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The recently installed projects will remove unnecessary barriers to business growth in the local communities. The data analysis of these digitized systems will provide solutions to drive demand management and help in accelerating local economic growth in the three African countries.

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