Kehua Tech Shines at REI with its Portfolio of PV+ESS Solutions

Kehua Tech Shines at REI with its Portfolio of PV+ESS Solutions

Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo, Asia’s leading B2B expo focusing on solar energy, energy storage and electric vehicles and charging infra, was held on September 28th-30th, gathering more than 40,000 visitors from the world. Kehua Tech brought advanced PV+ESS solutions including PV string inverters and energy storage inverter, widely concerned by many visitors and experts in the local renewable energy industry. 


The renewable energy market in India has been growing rapidly in recent years. With years of market precipitation, Kehua has formed a business layout of full application scenarios in India, including PV+ESS solutions. According to statistics, Kehua’s PV inverter shipments in India reached 1.2GW in 2021, ranking among the TOP 5 inverter brands in India. PV inverter solutions are widely used in large scale power plants in Rajasthan, Gujarat and other regions, and energy storage solutions has successful application for power plants and C&I in Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Kehua has accumulated rich project experience in PV and ESS solutions for C&I and large scale power plants, earning high recognition from the market and partners.

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During the 3-day exhibition, Kehua booth was crowed with visitors, and the SPI350K-B-H, known as the world’s largest power capacity of 350kw string inverter, became the most eye-catching product on site. Advanced three-level technology,available night SVG and quick response, Intelligent I-V and fault wave recording, quick failure analysis, making it a shining star at the booth. 


BCS100K-B-HM energy storage inverter was another highlight at the booth. As an energy storage inverter with excellent cost performance for C&I, it impressed people by multi-unit parallel connection technology and modular design, which enables users to have a experience of easy installation and O&M. 


Kehua also brought SPI6000-B2, SPI20K-B, SPI30K-B and SPI125K-B as the best PV solution for residential and C&I use.

Kehua showcased its innovative technologies, products and solutions in PV and ESS, and also demonstrated Kehua’s exploration in industrial layout in creating clean energy to customers and partners in India and worldwide. With the fruitful results of the REI expo and the efforts of the local team in India, Kehua will face with a broader market space and more development opportunities. In the future, Kehua will continue to focus on innovation, and bring more efficient services to global customers, and work with partners to help the world’s energy transformation and environment protection. 

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