NLC India Tenders 300 MW Solar Power Project Installation In Rajasthan

NLC India Tenders 300 MW Solar Power Project Installation In Rajasthan

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For the construction of a 300 MW grid-connected solar power plant in Barsingsar, Rajasthan, Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited (NLC) India has issued an invitation for bids. Bidders will be given 15 months from the grant date to commission the complete project’s capacity.


On November 11, 2022, bids for this 300 MW procurement must be submitted and they will be publicly opened on that day only.

Each bidder will be required to pay a non-refundable tender document fee of Rs. 20,000. Additionally, they will also be required to provide a bid guarantee of Rs. 328.6 million.

Design, site development, engineering, manufacturing, inspection at the supplier’s facility, insurance, storage, supply, transport, erection, testing, and commissioning are all included in this tender’s scope of work. 

The bidder also has to provide free operation and maintenance (O&M) for the first 12 months following COD (Commercial Operation Declaration) and paid O&M for the remaining three years of the SPP.

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To be eligible for bidding, the interested bidder must have successfully executed contracts for the installation, supply, and commissioning of grid-connected solar power projects with total installed capacities of 90 MW or greater during the preceding 7 years, as of the original intended date of tender opening.

A plant or order must have been a component of a larger order that totaled 90 MW or more and included at least one unit with a capacity of 30 MW or more at a single site, effectively running for at least a year as of the original intended date of tender opening.

Alternatively, bidders can work as a team with a firm to satisfy the qualifications, or they can lead a group of no more than three enterprises to achieve the qualifications.

Or, bidders must have successfully completed at least one industrial project, either as developers or EPC contractors, in the industries of energy: solar, oil, fertilizer, gas, steel, cement, petrochemical, and coal mining, with a minimum value of Rs 13.15 billion, or 2 projects worth at least Rs 8.22 billion, or 3 projects worth at least Rs 6.58 billion, in the last 7 years.

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Additionally, a minimum of one electrical substation with a voltage level of 110 kV or higher, including components like 110 kV or higher circuit breakers and a current transformer, must be owned or operated by the bidder, which should be operational for at least a year prior to the bid opening.

Further, the bidder’s 3 most recent fiscal years’ average yearly turnover shall not be less than Rs. 4.93 billion. The bidder’s net worth from the prior fiscal year must be positive.

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