Airbus To Source Green Hydrogen from India

Green Hydrogen Mission To Help India Meet Net-zero Targets, Experts Say

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Airbus, Europe’s largest aerospace company, will source green hydrogen from markets like India, Australia, and Latin America as part of its efforts reduce carbon emissions. This was confirmed by a senior company official.


Airbus is currently working on hydrogen-powered fuel cells engines to power its zero-carbon plane. The aircraft will be operational in 2035. Hyport and the company have entered into a partnership to establish a low-carbon hydrogen production and distribution station at Toulouse-Blainac Airport, France.


Glenn Llewellyn (Vice President, Zero Emissions Aircraft) said that the low cost of renewable energy in Latin America and India makes them attractive as potential supply centers.

Llewellyn spoke to ‘PTI-Bhasha’ on the sidelines at the Airbus Summit 2022. He said, “One important activity that we are doing at Airbus is making sure that hydrogen-powered aircraft will be green.” Hydrogen is also readily available. We are working with many airports and energy providers around the globe to ensure that green hydrogen is available at the right price.

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In 2023, the hydrogen station at Toulouse-Blaniec Airport will be operational and will produce 400 kilograms of hydrogen per day.

Llewellyn stated that while no aircraft have been built to run on hydrogen, we are able to use hydrogen to reduce the carbon footprint of airport activities. He said that he was looking into how hydrogen can be obtained from countries like India, Australia, and Latin America where it is cheaper to produce hydrogen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi created the National Hydrogen Mission (August 15, 2021) with the goal of making India a world leader in hydrogen production. This initiative aims to produce 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen in the country by 2030.

Llewellyn stated that India is a great country with the potential to produce green hydrogen at an affordable price.

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