Pertamina NRE – Huawei Develops First Solar Power Plant Innovation Center In Indonesia

A file photo of Pertamina NRE - Huawei Develops First PLTS Innovation Center in Indonesia

Pertamina New & Renewable Energy (Pertamina NRE) and Huawei kicked off the Joint Innovations Center (JIC) for Indonesia’s first Solar Power Plant (PLTS).


During the event, CEO Pertamina NRE Dannif Danusaputro and CEO Huawei Indonesia Liu Changseng signed a memorandum of understanding. Previously, the two parties signed a memorandum of understanding on September 1, 2022. This step is part of Pertamina NRE’s commitment to actively participate in the development of new and renewable energy in Indonesia.


“We face a number of challenges in developing PLTS, including having to be competitive in terms of price but still have an attractive economy at the same time. Another challenge is having to manage operations as efficiently as possible. To answer these challenges, one way is to carry out innovations,” said Pertamina NRE Project & Operations Director Norman Ginting who delivered a speech at the event. He continued that Pertamina NRE welcomed the cooperation in developing the Joint Innovation Center with Huawei.

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On the same occasion, Liu said, “Through the Joint Innovation Center Pertamina NRE and Huawei, it is hoped that it will become a forum for increasing knowledge and facilities in promoting the future energy business as well as becoming concrete evidence for other parties about the best practice of the PV SYSTEM itself.”


Pertamina NRE is actively developing renewable energy, one of which is PLTS. In terms of price, PLTS in Indonesia needs to be more competitive. The JIC program is expected to increase competitiveness, efficiency, and safety and security standards in the company.

This non-binding and non-exclusive collaboration will focus on 3 things. First, is capability development where later there will be a capability-building program delivered by experts in their fields related to the operational and maintenance aspects of Solar PV.

Second, the development of innovation in the engineering and operational aspects of PLTS assets it is expected to be able to optimize PLTS operational performance and increase operational efficiency.

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Third, developing and establishing technology standards that need to be implemented to improve safety quality in the operation and management of PLTS.

In order to support the target of net zero emission in 2060, Pertamina NRE has a number of clean energy business portfolios. Apart from PLTS, Pertamina NRE is also developing geothermal which is managed by its subsidiary, Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), biogas energy, nature-based solutions (NBS), batteries for EV and storage systems, as well as the carbon business. As a sub-holding of Pertamina, Pertamina NRE is the spearhead in building Pertamina’s green business. Pertamina NRE is also strongly committed to environmental, social, and governance aspects in managing its business.

Meanwhile, Huawei, as a global technology solution company in the PLTS sector, is committed to producing high-tech products in the electricity sector that are environmentally friendly, especially PLTS. Huawei Indonesia continues to be committed to encouraging the use of EBT in Indonesia.

Huawei will integrate digital technology and renewable energy, and provide products and solutions in friendly renewable energy, electricity-based transportation, greener information, and communication technology infrastructure, and technology-based energy in an integrated manner through its subsidiary Huawei Digital Power.

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