Power n Sun Becomes The Official Partner Of Sungrow For East And West Africa


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It is well established that Powernsun is a leading Solar solution company in the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and Africa. So PowernSun with strong market footprints and expertise in the African region, and Sungrow with its next-generation technological advancement, it is our commitment to provide trusted alternatives for domestic, commercial, and industrial power demand in East and West Africa and deliver the best inverter solution against the load shedding as well.


Powernsun has recently joined hands with Sungrow to ably serve the needs of clients who are looking for Sungrow solar inverters in KENYA, UGANDA, TANZANIA, ZAMBIA, ETHIOPIA, SOUTH SUDAN, SENEGAL, GHANA, BURKINA FASO, TOGO, and NIGERIA. Having power installations in more than 60 countries.

Sungrow sustains a market share of nearly 15% globally. The focus on development and commitment to quality makes choosing Sungrow brand the best choice ever. Founded in 1997, Sungrow is one proud name among that with its 47.1 GWac inverter shipments. Having a solid 25 years successive track in the solar industry, Sungrow is a hub of a range of solar inverters for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications. Sungrow is a global leader in manufacturing solar inverters that are the easiest to install all over the world. Renowned as the most bankable inverter brand, Sungrow is also well-known for products best for solar installations.

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As a preferred Chinese brand for inverters, Sungrow solar inverter in Africa takes pleasure in being a proud partner in this renewable revolution. Renowned as a leading Sungrow solar inverter supplier, Powernsun deals with various kinds of inverters from this famous brand. They are quite known for their efficient monitoring system, reliability, and cost-efficiency. The brand possesses a great share in the global market and has gained a unique name in Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia and Botswana. In addition, it has its supply regions across the world market including Dubai, Lagos, Nairobi, etc.

As one of the authorized Sungrow solar inverter distributors, Powernsun brings a vast portfolio of solar inverters for your specific needs. Solar products requirement is, whether an inverter for residential purposes or a commercial operation, you can find an inverter here. This makes Powernsun a reliable destination for the Sungrow solar inverter in East and West Africa. We also excel in providing inverters in commercial solar space.

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Sungrow Hybrid Inverters
From the 2kW to 10kW category, there is a wide range of solar hybrid inverters best suited for residential rooftops in diverse regions, and if you are looking for a three-phase Sungrow solar inverter in Africa with wide battery voltage ranges, Sungrow has a broad portfolio of residential/commercial inverters in the market for varied requirements.

Hybrid inverter models are:
Sungrow SH 5.0RT

Sungrow SH 6.0RT

Sungrow SH 8.0RT

Sungrow SH 10.0RT

Sungrow On Grid/Grid Tie Inverters
To match up with the various types of commercial and domestic application purposes, Sungrow provides a complete catalog of inverters. Particularly in the On-Grid category of inverters, Sungrow has a wide range of options that have no alternative. Offered from 3kW to 150 kW, there is a perfect Sungrow solar inverter in Africa for every commercial need.

Popular Grid Tie Inverters are:

Sungrow SG 5.0RT

Sungrow SG 6.0RT

Sungrow SG 8.0RT

Sungrow SG 10RT

Sungrow SG 12.0RT

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Sungrow SG 15RT

Sungrow 33CX

Sungrow 40CX

Sungrow 50CX

Sungrow 250HX

Sungrow 125HV

Sungrow 110CX

Sungrow Inverter Accessories:

Sungrow Smart Communication Box

Sungrow Eye M4C

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