Uniper Is Working With Masdar For A Green Hydrogen Project


German utility, Uniper confirms that it is working on a green hydrogen project with Masdar, a clean energy company in UAE.


Germany’s focus has been sharpened on supply security and the use of green hydrogen made using renewable energy compatible with European Union climate goals.


It anticipates that it will need to import to supplement its domestic production.


Uniper, a Duesseldorf-based company, said that it is involved in large-scale hydrogen projects throughout the Middle East with the aim of exporting hydrogen to Europe.


“The project in UAE with MASDAR has already received impressive public support,” said the spokesperson. Uniper declined further details at this point.

According to a source, Masdar and Uniper plan to build a 1.3-gigawatt solar plant, from which they hope to produce clean hydrogen via electrolysis starting in 2026.

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