Utkarsh India Limited Commissions 1 MW Solar Power Plant in West Bengal


Utkarsh India Limited has installed a captive Solar energy facility to generate 1 MW of power to meet the growing demand for electricity at Hooghly in West Bengal.


Utkarsh India Limited is a pioneer in the manufacturing and supply of high-end engineering products in the infrastructure, agriculture, and domestic water pipe industries.


The area was covered by 1824 solar panels. This will help in carbon abatement. It will produce 12.5 Lacs units of energy annually. Carbon Footprint will be reduced by 125 MT per year by reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. This project aims to make a difference in the environment and marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to adopting new technology.


Utkarsh India is focused on adaptability, which is the core of renewable resource solutions that can be used to create a sustainable way of living. This is a significant step forward in the direction of using solar electricity to produce high-quality engineering products such as prefabricated steel structures, Steel tubes & pipe, Road safety barriers and Polymer pipes. To help make society more sustainable, they are constantly innovating new ways to improve production.

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Utkarsh Bansal, Director of the company said that “This is an important first step towards tapping renewable energy for our requirement. We look forward to scaling up the solar project across our different units. As the world is moving towards reducing carbon emissions, we would like to play a proactive role and provide thought leadership towards achieving environmental sustainability.”

ONergy Solar (Punam Energie Pvt Ltd) developed the Solar Project. This company is a leader in solar solutions for the C&I sector. Rishabh Mundra, ONergy’s Director, stated that “The plant has been installed with top-of-line components as Utkarsh India appreciates long-term value considering the key to a successful and efficient solar power system ensuring optimum generation. We are grateful to the management of Utkarsh India Limited for giving us the opportunity which has been a testament to our team’s knowledge and expertise in the solar energy sector.”

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