Modhera Solar Powered Village in Gujarat Tableau During the R-Day Celebrations


The Renewable Energy production was the focus elements in the tableau of Gujarat that rolled down the Kartavya Path during the Republic Day celebrations.


In the float, Modhera village, which is famous for its Sun Temple and as India’s first solar-powered village, was featured.


A senior official from the state government stated that the song was composed in Gujarati and focuses on environmental protection.


Front of the tableau shows a girl mounted on a spiral drum holding the ‘sun’ in one hand and a paper wheel in the other, symbolizing solar and wind energy.


The float’s one section features models of solar villages and windmills, as well as a colourful ‘odhni’ that depicts her colorful embroidery work.

According to officials, Kutch is well-known for its white desert and colorful costumes. However, Kutch will soon have a new identity thanks to the creation of the world’s largest solar and wind-powered ‘Hybrid Renewable Energy Park’ taking shape in the region.

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G20’s first meeting under the tourism track will also be held in Runn of Kutch in February.

India assumed the presidency of the influential bloc on December 1, setting the tone for the ministry’s calendar this year.

Many Gujarati cities, including Ahmedabad and Vadodara, have placed welcoming banners and hoardings based on G20.

In her maiden address to the nation, President Droupadi Mumu stated that G20 was an ideal platform for discussing and finding solutions to “most pressing” issues such as climate change and global warming, which are most affecting the poorest.

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