RASLAG To Purchase 42 Hectares Of Land For Building Solar Power Plant


RASLAG CORP. intends to purchase parcels of land (a total of approximately 42 hectares) located in Brgys. Plastado and Carino, Gerona, and Tarlac, to serve as the site for RASLAG-6 which is planned to connect to the NGCP 69 kV Transmission line.


The property shall serve as the site for RASLAG-6. which is planned to connect to the NGCP 69 kV Transmission line which passes through the area and those adjacent to it. An additional operating solar plant is expected to increase RASLAG CORP.’s income in the near future.


The transaction shall involve a sale between RASLAG CORP. and multiple sellers for the purchase of parcels of land located in Gerona, Tarlac.


RASLAG CORP. will purchase parcels of land with a total selling price of approximately P 273,000,000 or at P 650/ sqm., exclusive of capital gains taxes, documentary stamp taxes, land reclassification and conversion fees, and other miscellaneous fees and expenses.


RASLAG Corp. is a Kapampangan renewable energy developer and one of the pioneers of solar energy development in the region.

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