Central Electricity Regulatory Commission Approves Reduction in Ceiling Prices for Day-Ahead Markets

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In a recent order, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has approved a reduction in the ceiling prices for different Day-Ahead Markets (DAM) in India.


The move comes ahead of the summer season when peak demands are expected to surge, and the government is making efforts to keep the lights on.

The CERC has asked all Power Exchanges registered under the Power Market Regulations 2021 to redesign their software to accept revised bidding prices from April 4, 2023.


The earlier approved price range of Rs 0/KWh to Rs 12/KWh has been revised to Rs 0/KWh to Rs 10/KWh, with the ceiling price reduced by Rs 2/KWh. The new prices apply to all DAMs, including Green Day Ahead Market, Intra-Day, Day Ahead Contingency and Term Ahead, including GTAM and RTM.


For the High Price (HP)-DAM, the earlier approved price range of Rs 0/KWh to 50/KWh has been revised to Rs 0/KWh to Rs 20/KWh, reducing the ceiling price by Rs 30/KWh. The CERC stated that the reduction was necessary due to the lower cost of imported gas and coal, which had significantly reduced over the last few months. The regulator hopes that the revised prices will encourage more players to participate in the struggling HP-DAM.

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