Ignite Power Acquires Mwezi’s Solar Solutions Portfolio To Expand Footprint In Kenya


Ignite Power, a UAE-based solar solution provider, has announced the acquisition of Mwezi’s solar solutions portfolio in Kenya. The acquisition would enable Ignite Power to grow its footprint in the nation by employing its proven suite of technologies and standard operating procedures to serve Mwezi’s current portfolio and improve its influence in the area.


Mwezi has been a prominent participant in Kenya’s solar energy business for several years. It has installed over 50,000 solar household systems in Kenya. The acquisition of Mwezi’s portfolio would allow Ignite Power to strengthen its position in Kenya’s solar energy industry by increasing its customer base across the nation.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mwezi, a truly values-driven company, to the Power family through the acquisition. This strategic move will enable us to leverage our expertise and experience to further expand our impact in the region, while servicing Mwezi’s existing customers and providing them with access to reliable, sustainable, and affordable home electricity,” said Yariv Cohen, CEO, Ignite Power.

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This acquisition comes on the heels of Ignite Power’s recent acquisition of Pawame Kenya, a long-standing leader in Kenya’s solar energy market. Ignite Power has expanded its presence across Africa via organic expansion as well as strategic acquisitions, reproducing its proven operational processes and in-house technology to achieve exceptional cost-efficiency, consumer affordability, and impact at scale.


“We are thrilled to see the Mwezi solar solutions portfolio in Kenya now a part of the Ignite Power family. I am confident that Ignite’s expertise and experience in the solar energy sector will enable them to expand on the work that we have accomplished and continue to provide high-quality services to our customers. We look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on communities across Kenya,” said Mwezi’s founder and CEO, Mike Sherry.

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