LONGi Sets New Efficiency Record For Gallium-doped p-type HJT Silicon Solar Cell

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LONGi, a leading solar technology company, has achieved a new efficiency breakthrough for its Gallium-doped p-type HJT silicon solar cell. The company has set a new world record conversion efficiency of 25.47% for large-size p-type cells using a mass production process on full-size monocrystalline silicon wafers. The achievement has been validated by testing carried out at the Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH). This further demonstrates the feasibility of low-cost HJT mass production technology.


LONGi’s R&D team developed a p-type wafer processing solution for HJT cells and combined it with interface passivation technology to achieve a Voc of 747.6 mV for p-HJT cells. It’s worth noting that the processing of the low-cost p-HJT cell solution applied in this record hasn’t been fully optimized yet. LONGi is convinced that this technology route still has great potential for further development.

LONGi has set several efficiency records in 2021, with its n-type TOPCon, p-type TOPCon, and n-type HJT cells achieving conversion efficiencies of 25.21%, 25.19%, and 26.30% respectively. As a world leader in solar technology, LONGi plans to continue increasing its investment in technology R&D to create value for its customers. This will help accelerate global energy transformation and contribute to the achievement of carbon reduction targets with its high-efficiency products that will continue to deliver lower LCOE.


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